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Handling Unit not being assigned to TO for an outbound delivery

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Hi All

When I create a TO for an outbound delivery then a handling unit is not being assigned to the TO.

I cannot confirm the TO as it complains about the non assignment of HU.

I have done the following so far:

1. Set up a default packing material w.r.t WhNo and movement type.

2. Defined a packing group and then assigned the packing group to the packing material.

3. Set 1 to the indicator for automatic HU creaion in customizations for automatic HU creation.

Is there something I am missing in the configuration?

Any suggestions would help.



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HU never get assign at the time of creation of TO. You can assign pick HU at the time of confirmation of TO. There are two ways

Use transaction code LH01 and assign pick HU


(ii)Or at the time of confirmation of TO click on pack tab and complete the packing


Milind C

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Hey Milind...

Thanks for the answer. I sorted the issue by defining the movement type for automatic HU assignment.

I added movement type 601 to the automatic creation of HU and got this sorted out.