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handling unit management

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gurus can you please tell me that

lets say if i have amterial X1 and the packaging material as DX . now if i want to create a sales order or in outbound delivey how the sytem will come to know that athis material C! will be packed in the material packaging DX

please provide me with the concept of how the system search for this or is it something to do with the packaging instruction .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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before creating the packaging material you have to go to:

IMG-Logistics Execution-Shipping -Packing.

1. Define packaging material types- it can be anything like boxes crates, etc. in this you have to maintain the output determination procedure, output type, plant determination, packaging material category, generate delivery items, number assignment. you can copy from standard also.

2. Then go to define material group for packaging materials - here you maintain the four digit code and the description. Actually, this group is nothing but similar products which require similar packing products. For Ex. Nokia Phones all types they are basically packed first into a polythene bag. So here nokia phones can become a material group for packaging materials and polythene bag can become the packaging material type which can include different sizes and types of polythene bags.

3. Define Allowed Packaging Materials - Here you assign the shipping group for packaging materials to the packaging material type. This is related to your mterial master data of the packaging material which you create.

4. Now go to MM01 to create a packaging material. use material type as Packaging material then inside the system will take the item category group as VERP. Then in the Basic Data1 screen you have the material group for packaging material (MGPM). Slect the proper one. Now in the Sales:General/ Plant screen you have to maintain data regarding the packaging. you select the MGPM same as the basic data 1 screen, then select the packaging material type, the allowed pkg weight, allowed pkg volume. This is important because if the weight of your finished item is 2 KG and in the allowed pkg weight you enter only 1.5 KG, then while you carry out the packing process in delivery, the system will give you error," packaging weight exceeded." The assignment in the IMG creen for Define allowed packaging materials should be same as u mention in the material master. Then save your material master for packaging material.

5. VA01 create the order, save it.

6. VL01N enter shipping point, go to edit - pack- you will face a screen with 2 parts. In the top part you select your packaging material in which you want to pack your finished item, enter the system will assign a number to that material. Now select the Material in the top part and the finished one in the lower part and click on the Icon Pack. Here one thing has to be taken care of. Suppose if you want to pack only one finished item in one packaging material, then in the lower part of the screen you have a field for partial quantity here you chnge it to 1. system will prompt quantity changed. now you select the material in the top part and the one in the lower part and click on the PER PART. QTY ICON. In this way the system will pack only one finished item in a single packaging material. Packing is done go back, select the picking and do the PGI. save the delivery and create the invoice.

In this case when you select the packaging material in the top part of the screen, the system basically checks the allowed packaging material settings in the coonfiguration & the allowed packaging weight of the packing material. The weight of the item to be packed should be lesser than the allowed packaging weight specified in the material master (sales:general/plant) of the packing material.


Basically handling units come into picture when you want to carry out multi level packing. suppose you want to pack Nokia phone first into a polythene bag, then this polythene bag is again packed in to box. like that. then this box will become a handling unit. For this go to :

IMG - Logistics General - Handling Unit Mangement - Basics.

1. In basics you do the same thing as you did in the packing in logistics execution. like you create the packaging material type, then MGPM and their assignment.

2. Then go to External Identification - and maintain the number ranges forthe handling units that you want and assign the same to your pckaging material type.

3. Now that you have done everything, create the order, save it, in VL01N, enter shipping point, go to edit - pack - do the same thing as i ahve told you in the step no. 6 (above). now after doing select the PACK HUs TAB . NOW IN THIS SCREEN IN THE TOP PART YOU WILL SEE THE ALREADY PACKED MATERIAL. In that same part again select your next packaging material that is BOX. enter the system will assign the number to the BOX.

In this case of the multi level packing again the system will check for the "material group for packing material" & the "packing material type" and it will check then against the assignment in the configuration.

4. Now select the material which you have just entered and the materials which were already packed in the lower part of the screen and click on the ICON PACK.

Packaging instruction: The packaging instruction comes into picture if you have to do the automatic packing process.

Reward points if solution helps.


Allabaqsh Patil

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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still not solved i will be back with the exact point of confusion

1> what is the need of assigning the pack material group to the packaging(verp) material that is Y in my case ?

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i will explain simple u r packaging material group is DX this DX is assign to u e packaging material type X1 AND

u have to create actual packaging mateial say BOX in this material u maintain both this material type X1 and group DX

and now in u r finish product u maintain that packaging material group DX





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Hi Rahul,

Packing details are maintained at material master of the main material say "X" at Basic data 1 tab page and you need to create another material say "Y" (Packing Material) with the material type VERP.....

For the main material "X" maintain Material Group of Packing Materials and for the packing material "Y" maintain both Material Group of Packing Materials & Packaging material type in Packaging material Data at Sales: General/Plant tab...

The link between the packaging material "Y" & the Main material "X" will be done at the IMG level under LE ---> Shipping ---> Packing...

Here you define the Packaging material type, then material group for different packaging material types and then a relation between the two is defined through the Allowed packaging materials...

By this settings you shuld be able to get the desired output.

Reward if it helps



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Dear Rahul,

Based on these IMG settings you can link the material to packing materials.

SPRO>Logistics Execution>Shipping>Packing>

-->Define Packaging Material Types

-->Define Material Group for Packaging Materials

-->Define Allowed Packaging Materials

The packing material group(i.e DX group) will be assigned in the material master -->Basic data 1 view of the which is going to pack in your case that is C.

Based on this sytem will give the allowed packing materials for the material C.

I hope it will help you,