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Handling Unit Block and Unblock

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I have requirement to block and unblock Handling Unit or Storage Unit in warehouse management. How to block and unblock the

Handling Unit with the function module and what is the table where I can see the blocking status of

the Handling Unit .

I tried a lot before posting here with no luck.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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right now I remember we can block quant of material which is done by LS07.



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Answers (1)


Dear Sridhar,

I hope I get you right.

To change the status of handling unit to blocked stock, do the following:

- transaction code VLMOVE

- above select procedure "0023" --> Posting chance from unrestricted use stock to blocked stock (movement type 344)

- then enter handling unit number

- press enter --> you get new line item with this HU number below

- select this new line item --> post document

- on the next screen you get the number of material document just created

- now the handling unit is blocked

- to unblock it later - use another VLMOVE procedure

Table where you can see this status:

- check table LQUA (warehouse quants)

- enter the WH number and quant number (you get this one if you check details of the quant in bin) --> you get record for exactly this handling unit

- see field LQUA-BESTQ (equals S - blocked stock)

Hope this will be of any use.



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