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Handling Unit and Vendor - Returnable Packaging

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I have a scenario where the vendor sends me the material (apples) with packaging materials (trays). Both the apples and trays are sent in form of handling units to me. After receiving the HU, I have to return the trays. I have some confusion with how to solve this situation:

1. I know that I have to have material master for both the apples and trays. But, for the trays, which material type should I use? LEIH or VERP?

2. I know that I have to use inbound delivery to handle this situation. Do I have to use the "Pack" function within VL31N to reflect that I received the handling unit? If not, what alternative do I have to post the GR for HU?

3 . But how do I unpack the HU to get the apples, and later how do I return the packaging materials? Also, I don't have WM implemented.

I would appreciate if you-experts could guide me step-by-step through this scenario. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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Hello Dan,

I have never worked on material type LEIH, but I assume using material type LEIH would be correct. Please find the below link which explains the process more clearly.


Sai Arala