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Handling Pre-Tax Deductions When 5PY is negative

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We have a 401k pretax deduction that we want to have dropped completely from the employee's deductions, for the current pay period, if the /5PY amount is 0 or negative for the current pay period. We don't want the amount to be carried forward or held in a technical wage type. We are trying to make a decision based on the current pay period /5PY however it is determined during US Tax processing which way after IT0169 is processed. How can we determine the current /5PY amount for the current pay period in order to make a decision to clear out the 401 pre-tax deduction (IT0169)? Also, is there standard SAP configuration that can handle this scenario?

The wage type is currently set with a Z priority and 2 (Deduct what is possible) for Arrears.

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Hi Kerri,

You need to write a rule with condition SCOND=T AL and place this rule between LPBEG and LPEND and this will rerun the loop one more time.

Please check ULPC rule under UDNT schema that runs loop using the same logic.

Hope this helps.