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Half Day leave Quota used = 0.5 days but Calendar days and Absence days = 1 day

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Hello Expert,

I got a requirement where user must be allowed to apply 2 half day leave on same day.

Leave shall be not applied with Start – End time

User is applying Temporary Business Exit and also applying Annual half day leave

But system gives error - restricting as conflict with absence in SAP ESS.

Multiple Work schedule implemented with various time, Example as below

WSR1– 10 hrs.

WSR 2– 8 hrs.

WSR 3– 6 hrs.

When applying half day leave, system is behaving as below

Absence hours– 10

Absence days– 1.00

Calendar days– 1.00

Quota used– 0.50 Days

I have also tried making configuration for System Reaction to Overlapping Time Infotypes

But still gets collusion error, and leave gets deleted when applied with other half day leave

I want to make system allow 2 leave types with same time (as client doesn’t wants any enhancement for 1st half and 2nd half) and same date.

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If there is no start and end time and client does not want first half/second half enhancement then it can not be done correctly. TCC will help but there are some cons to it. Please update the TCC class on absence type level and not Infotype level. Maintain TCC so that both the absences are allowed to present on same day. Right now second absence is deleting first. Then maintain rounding rule that whenever this absence is present quota to be deducted as 0.5 days.


However, if same absence type is used on normal day for full day it will still deduct 0.5 days.

You can not control no. Of absence hrs/ absence days displayed. Try work schedule/DWS variant for absence counting , it may solve absent hrs/days display..