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GST India - import procurement process

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IN GST india regime, Import procurement will have BCD (Basic Customs duty) & IGST taxes applicable. SAP has given two new Tax condition types (JIMD & JIMN), Tax routine and Assessable value field in MIRO.

But I am unable to get the actual purpose of Assessable value field in MIRO? W'ter in PO itself after entering IGST tax code, Tax % will get calculated?

IGST will be calculated on BCD + Base amount or Assessable value? Pls throw some light on this.


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Dear M Moh,

Create a condition type for Assessable value. Assign it in the pricing procedure. Assign the pricing procedure for the Purchase Order Vendor Schema. Let it not act on any step.You can also use the standard condition JASS. Now in the pricing procedure, for JASS, let it pass to subtotal 5. This can be used in MIRO exit to be fetched while retrieving the PO in MIRO and populate the Assessable value field when the planned delivery cost is chosen. While the Goods and Service option is chosen the TAX code should be zero as it should not be calculated twice. Again zero tax code is to be pre populated by using the exit.

Configure the Import GST condition type as JIMD (As mentioned in the SAP Note)

Configure the Basic Customs Duty condition JCDB. Configure JCDB to act on the step for JASS in the pricing procedure.

Now based on the HSN/SAC maintenance the TAX code is derived in the PO. This tax code is then populated in MIRO.

The HSN and Assessable values are also populated in MIRO as explained. The Tax calculation should be made by the Tax code populated. The tax code value should act on the sum of the Assessable value and the Basic customs duty value.