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GST IN: Display Taxes Not Opening for text based PO.

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Dear All,

We have created a new condition record

Dest.ctry/Region/PlntRegion/GST Class./Ctrl code - for text based purchase orders.

PO was prepared and the tax was getting determined. But since 24.04.2017 while creating a new text based purchase orders the Display taxes are not appearing, also when we refer to the old PO that was created to test this functionality, even that PO's display taxes are not opening.

Can any one put in their views to this ?


Sagnik Chakravarty.

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Hello Sagnik,

I am trying to set up GST for text POs and have created conditions records but similar to the issue that you have specified taxes are not getting determined. Have you solved the issue? If yes, Can you please share what was done to solve the issue?



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Do you mean to say the TAX code is not being displayed in the Invoice tab ?