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GR: Update from release 1909 (02) to release 2021 (01) in one go

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Hello GR experts,

my customer originally installed GR 1809 and is now on 1909 (02). The new reporting logic was activated retroactively for all used periods.

Now my customer wants to go from 1909 (02) to 2021 (01) in one go. Is this possible? Do we have to consider anything?

From 1909 to 2020, some fundamental changes have been made to the master data (removal of consolidation ledger, cons unit master data etc.). Therefore, I am not sure whether we can go directly from 1909 (02) to 2021 (01).

I hope you can support me with this question.

Thank you and best regards


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Hello Christina,

The link you have mentioned is not working. Do you have an updated link or document?