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GR processing time in SAP MM

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Dear Experts, we are maintaining the GR processing time in both Purchasing view and MRP view.. Why we are maintaining in two different views?

Is it because procuring material using standard SAP MM procurement process and through MRP process (like PP and module and Consumption based planning)?

Please clarify

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The technical field name for both the screen for that field MARC-WEBAZ is same and definition is also same. You can keep a value on GR processing time in one view (purchasing) in case other on view (MRP) not there for material or vice versa and. One may not have different value on both the views (purchasing) and (MRP) on MARC-WEBAZ where MRP view this value(GR processing time) needed for scheduling on material availability in an organization for usage including Purchasing department processing time and planned delivery time .In Purchasing view this value((GR processing time) needed on material availability in organization with regards to vendor specific data on Other data/manufactured data segment with/without MRP view.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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GR Processing time in purchasing view and MRP view both are the same, if you maintained GR processing time in the purchase view it will auto reflect in the MRP view.

The purpose of maintaining GR Processing time in the purchase view that some time material is not relate to MRP.