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Gr processing time in Purchase order

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Hi ,

I am using gr processing time to fake a Md04 report . We increase number of days and it does update MD04 . Now I have a requirement in which Gr processing time should be in negative. Is it possible in standard ?

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Hi @AAkash1 

No, that's not possible - if it were, it would make scheduling go back in time. That's not possible unless in


You said you use GR processing time "to fake a Md04 report" - that doesn't sound right to fake anything in SAP. 

If you describe your process and requirements in more detailed, maybe a more standard solution could be found.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski




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Thanks for your comments.

My process is 

  • Purchase order is created 
  • We create inbound delivery with dates for example 20.08.2024 (Date/Month/Year)
  • We do a rough goods receipt, not actual. Its just a way to tell purchasing department that material has arrived at the warehouse location. (Not actual GR).
  • We update the goods receipt processing time to 4 days, for example if material has arrived 24.08.2024 and it will update MD04 inbound delivery date to 24.08.2024
  • Problem is that if inbound delivery date is 1.08.2024 and if we received delivery before that date for example 31.07.2024, our process doesn't work because now the difference is in negative , hence MD04 report doesn't get updated.