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GR-processing time in delivery time in PO

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Hi Experts,

I have a question with regard to the delivery date calculation of a PO.

What I'd like to have is the following: when running MRP, the system needs to propose a purchase requisition that takes into account two things:

1. A safety margin

2. The average delivery time to have a certain material delivered

As far as I can see in the material master, there are the goods receipt processing time and planned delivery time. The idea is to have the GR processing time as the safety margin and the average delivery time in the planned delivery time field. But it turns out that this is not really working. In fact, the system does not even look at the planned delivery time at the moment.

Am I overlooking some settings / basic functionality of SAP?

Your soonest input is much appreciated!

Thanks, Mark

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As in the above thread it was said , system will consider the GR processing time and planned delivery time which is called as lead time for the procurement .

However there is no concept called the safety time in sap to consider in sap for the delivery date calculation .The below thered will better explain you .

please check any of the two fields in MRP are filled with zero as you said they are not being considered .


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Delivery date = MRP run date + Planned delivery time + PO processing time(OMDT) + GR processing time..

The planned delivery time is calculated according to calendar days and the purchasing processing time and the goods receipt processing time are calculated in workdays.

For example: you running the MRP today...

Planned delivery time - 10 days, GR processing time - 3 days, PO processing time - 1

now the delivery date will be 12-Apr-2012.. i.e 28-March to 06-April = 10 days(planned delivery time) these are calendar days which includes the weekends. then system skips 07-april and 8-april as GR and PO processing time cant be in weekends and 4 days(GR + PO processing time) which will result in 12-apr-2012 as the delivery date.. Check whether your system reacts like this or let us know your example with the exact dates..

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check in OMDT whether you have enabled planned delivery time determination  from inforecord. if so it has precedence over MM data