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For PO output type , we can create new one (eg ZNEU ) and assign to new document type .

But for GR , if I need print out based on company code, each company is having different format , then if I am creating new output type and maintaining condition records for that , then while MIGO , two print outs are coming , which maintained for both companies .

How to tackle this ?

Is the better way to create a program in smartform itself?

Pls advise.


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Hi Sandeep,

You should not create a duplicate question, anyone reading this will not be aware of the suggestions made so far on the original post and so they will be duplicating their effort.

Please use one thread per query, duplicating it will NOT get you any better answers, in fact it will probably have th eopposite affect because people will not be aware of the discussion on this subject so far.

To anyone wanting to offer help to Sandeep regarding this, PLEASE post any replies to this via the original post.


Steve B