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GR non-valuated default per document type

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Hello all,
I would like to have "GR Non-Valuated" field checked by default for specific document type (in beginning the standard "NB" but also, later on, maybe other document types as well).

Can you advise on how to configure this in SAP, if possible with screenshots?

Thank you

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PO document type used for procurement process and different PO document types used in business to differentiate different procurement processes but material to be valuated or non-valuated depends on material type along with plant set up in OMS2. In case of GR non-valuated check box to be selected in PO for a PO type you can check with screen variant or any option for development but you need to test end to end scenarios with valuated material and for non-valuated material. Alternately if GR non-valuated check box NOT selected in PO - you can use different movement type to keep GR non-valuated during goods receipt also!