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GR/IR Process

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Dear All,

We have a scenario here at company x where they order a Christmas tree for (e.g.) £1000000.

This is paid for in ten instalments.

As we cannot GR 0.1 of a Christmas tree, we had come up with a down payment solution whereby Finance were presented with 9 installments which went to the GR/IR account. On presentation of the final invoice the Christmas tree is Goods Receipted into stock and the balance of the GR/IR account is cleared.

Unfortunately, Finance have now rejected this solution.

Does anyone have any experience or advice of similar scenarios from other customers?

Thanks and Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Use PO base invoice verification instead of GR base. Then GR/IR is updating every time when you do the invoice and after GR you can clease the GR/IR .



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Hi Chameendri,

Can you please explain little more detail.

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Mate, if i understood it correctly,

PO raised,

MIGO done and

MIRO also done

You have received the Christmas tree.

Now you need to pay it to Vendor in Instalments.

If yes, why can't you use Instalment payment configuration with a Payment term and assigning it to Invoice in FI.

So that, you can able to pay it in 10 Instalemtnts.

Ask your FI guy to create a Payment term in OBB8, Assign it in OBB9 with 10 Instalments with amount entered.

At the same time, ask him to update the payment term to the invoice document. So that you can pay it as you required.


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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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There is a possibility available to pay vendor payments with installments through mainly FI.

If you google with "Vendor payments with Installments in SAP" you will get exact solution. check it and also check Invoicing plan function.


Syed Hussain.