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GR checkbox on Service PO items

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Hi !

We are creating a Service PO (item category D) and it is always account assigned and we always enter the short text (never a material no.) on this PO. We have decided to not do a SES on this.

However, the GR flag is selected by default.

Is there a way to have the flag deselected by default during PO creation?



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Answers (2)

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The GR flag is defaulted from item category D. As in SPRO it is mainatined against this item cat.

You can check it in SPROMMPurchasing--Define External Representation of Item Categories.

Now in order to disable SES against service PO you need to change the std setting in item cat D.

It can be possible to change the setting via maintaining table T163 using SM30. You can maintain the settings as per your requirement.

Note: These setting are maintained by standard SAP hence be confirmed before changing anything. It is adviced to create new item category by copying the existing one and maintain ticks as per your requirement.

Hope it will fulfill your requirement.

Parag Mahajan

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Raise a framework Service PO and maintain the Invoice Planning.

In this case, u need not to do the SES. In MIRO do the bill as per the requirements.


Pardeep Malik

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Sorry Pradeep, but that is not an option for us.

Isn't there a way to accomplish what I trying to do on a regular NB order?