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GR Blocked Stock.

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When a goods is recieved with subject to conditional acceptance, it is placed in GoodsReceipt Blocked stock.

Once the material has fulfilled acceptance conditions, it can be released.

When you release material from GR blocked stock, you can transfer it to the following stocks:

Unrestrcited-use stock.

Stock in Quality inspection.

Blocked stock ( valuated ).

But my question is why would there be another Blocked stock and a quality inspection, when it has already fulfilled acceptance conditions ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Firstly you must clarify one thing, GR blocked stock is different from blocked stock! You have mentioned blocked stock is the valued stock, but GR blocked stock is not valued in SAP system!

In addition, GR block release is the same as normal GR in the standard system, so there are the following selections after GR block release:

  • Go to unrestricted stock

  • Go to quality inspection stock

  • Go to blocked stock

If you activate quality management module, when you do GR or GR block, system will generate the inspection lot automatically, so suggest you finish the usage decision of inspection lot during your conditional acceptance in GR blocked stock. That's my point!

Hope can help you!



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Material is put into GR Blocked stock if it is conditional acceptance. This could be due to damaged packaging or incomplete documentation.

After acceptance, it could be put into:

a) Unrestricted stock if no QA is needed

b) QI stock if QA needed

c) Blocked stock if material to be made not available due to any reason. For example, it is damaged in transit but transit was within your scope. In that case, it is your stock and not the vendor's responsibility.



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Hi Vinay,

GR blocked stock is a non-valuated stock of the company.

Suppose u have physically received the material in sealed boxes and not counted. Then you will do 103 movement first. After opening the box and counting you will do the 105 movement for the exact qty received.

In another case, if material is received wihtout proper documentation and u can not return back the truck, then u will post the stock to GR blocked stock and you will release after receiving the proper documetns from vendor

In another scenario, if quality module is not activated, then u can first post the stock to GR blocked stock, inspect the material (not in SAP) and then do 105, for the suitable qty.

I think u are now clear on using 103.

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