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Goods transfer MM-FI

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Hi all,

we are facing an issue to understand a process of scenario mentioned below.

I have purchased material (10 qty) with its price of 100Rs each, i have done the payment full to the vendor (1000 Rs). But in that 10 qty i want to make scrap sale of 2 qty with scrap value of 10 rupees. How the accounting entris hit & also i like to understand the process in sap

what is the best practice for this in SAP public cloud 2308.

waiting for your replies...

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The answer to this question will depend on whether your company has SD configured.

After GR and IR have been processed, the full value of the 10 items is on your inventory balance sheet account. if you issue 2 out, it will be at the current value, Moving average price or standard cost. I say this because any goods issue will hit a COGS account (cost of goods sold) is SD relate or other accounts depending if you dont use SD.

If you have SD configured. Use a sales order to manage the sale and the receivable. The COGS will debited (inventory credited) with your current inventory value and your revenue will be at whatever the sale price used in the SO. This would be the most standard way.. if you dont have SD set up.... let me know.

Hope this helps.

Robin McRae.

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Hi Robin McRae,

Thank you for replying to my query.
Yes we do configured SD module in the system.