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Goods Return with Fifo

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Dear Experts,

i have SAP Business one 8.82 PL08. i am using FIFO allocation and Continuous stock method. i need to know which cost the system is taking in case of disassembly or Return not related to any Sales invoice. the system is taking the cost of the first entry for the item.

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Hi Tony.........

Dis assembly and Goods Return both are different documents.

In goods Return case if it is against any Delivery document then it will take the goods in on the Delivery COGS Price but as a latest Transaction.

While in Dis assembly also when you take it as a dis assembled part its cost gets affected as latest transaction.........



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Hi Rahul,

i am talking about the case of goods return in case if it is Not related to any sales invoice. the system is picking i think the first cost item.

it is the same in case of dissasembly. when returning the Components to inventory it is taking the first cost entered for these items.