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I Created a PO....But when I'm trying to post Goods Receipt( MIGO-PO NO.KNOW)...system issuing a message that PO has no items

but when I'm displaying my PO,,its showing me all things...if my PO is not realeasd...plz let me how I can do this..& where or guide me about this problem...& how I can solve it... please help me urgently...I will be very thankful to all of u...


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Sohail,

I have following views.

1) Since PO is being displayed , It has been already released & saved in the system.

2)"PO has no Item" is possible because you may have recieved all Qty against PO & GR must have been already done hence there is no open PO item.( For ex PO is of 100 nos & GR for 100 nos against this PO is already done).

Please check.

If useful reward points,

Vivek Maitra

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can u plz chk conf control key in the PO. Maybe the po will be subjected to inbound delivery

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi sohail,

check the default mvt ,

whether it is 101 or other,

mvt type is changed for the previous MIGO ( if it is other than 101 ),

this is the common error with mvt type,

if its useful

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lakshmi reddy

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Hi Sohail

1. open your PO and check the header details that you have released the PO in released strategy (all the level should be the mark of right), if no, then use me29n and release it.

2. if you have released the PO already then you have to check the GR based IV check box ticked or not if not pls check it (you can see it in item detail ->invoice tab.

now try to post the GR with the PO no.

hope it will work if not back to me...

thx with regds


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Please check in the PO ta the header level whether a tab release strtergy exists.If so then go to transaction ME29N and release the PO.After going to transaction ME29N open the release stratergy tab in the header and release it and save the PO.Then try to do GR aganist this PO.

Along with this,please check some other settings also,which may be also the reason due to which your GR is blocked

>Please check the delivery tab of PO.Check whether the GR check box is checked or not.If not checked,please check it.

>Just check you have created standard PO.If by mistake you have you have created a framework order then there will not be any GR.


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Thanks and Regards


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Check if your PO has the tab 'Release strategy' of the header or Item. If having you can release it by ME29N.