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Goods receipt problem

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Hi all ,

I am trying to create a GR which will post a PO automatically .I have done the configuration settings. Now when I am doing the GR , I got this error

"No short text maintained in language EN (please re-maintain material 1120)

Message no. ME095


No material short text (short description) has been maintained in language EN.

System Response

No short text can be adopted from the material master record.


If a material is to be procured from a vendor in a different language, the material short text must first be maintained in this language.

Maintain the short texts in the material master record in those languages in which procurement is normally carried out. In this case, you should at least maintain the short text in language EN."

I have maintained the material short text in english in material master record.Vendor communication language is also maintained as english.

Please suggest what to do now .



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check the language maintned for venodor and for plant at SPRO

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Hi Chakrapani,

The language I have maintained for the vendor is EN

and for the Plant the language key id DE(German).

Please suggest what to do now.



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Hi Anupam ,

The error message clearly indicates that problem is with Material :

" No short text maintained in language EN (please re-maintain material 1120) "

Therefor maintian the same in MM02 - Slect Basic Data and then click on additional data.( On Top ).

The first tab contains descriptions where u r supposed to maintain in English inorder to rectify the error.


Ramesh Ch