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Goods receipt error

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Hi Experts,

While doing Goods receipt i am facing the below error

"Account Determination for entry 0A01 KDM 0001 ERN 5880 not possible "

When i check the OBYC settings for KDM -5880 they have assigned 7 series GL account

Where as in PO line item account assignment they have assigned different GL....

So where it gone error

Kindly help



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Answers (3)

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Normally, on the account determination screen you have up to three key fields defining the G/L account. The first one is the valuation grouping code coming from the plant (IMG setting "Valuation area grouping"); the second is general account modifier and the third one is the valuation class coming from the material master.

Just check if you have this user exit implemented in trs SMOD and then you will know what general modifier you should set up in OBYC.

What I also wrote is that the valuation class for purchases without material number can either be empty or defined in IMG by material group.

Have you pressed the "Rules" pushbutton (under WRX) and saved the settings there? Have you pressed the "Posting keys" pushbutton?

check ur currency evrywhere of ur material.



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Goto transaction OBYC.

Enter your chart of accounts.

Check whether there is any entry for valuation area, valuation class (maintained in material master) combination. If not enter the specific G/L accounts and try. Log out and log in again to make the changes enable.



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Check the material amster valuaion class for that material then check in OBYC whether GL account is maintain for that Valuation class or not.