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Goods movement error

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Dear All,

For a certain maerial which i have 1 pc in my unrestricted stock when i am using movement type 412-E,system is giving me a error :"COM AUM_ _3040 not possible".here i know how to solve this error.But my query is why does this error message comes up now since till yesterday with the same material and against the same sales order i was using the same movement type and things was getting satisfactorily.Moreover why does this "AUM" comes in this scenario?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Actually AUM is the transaction key for which STO price differences are getting posted.This is really strange that this transaction key is getting triggered for reversal posting of sales order stock..



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi Indranil,

GO to t.code OMWB.

click on simulation,

give the specific material and movement type, enter

click on account assignments,

the further screen will clearly tell you the accounts missing.

with the help of a FI resourse you can sort the error easily.



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this AUM get git due to price diff

plz check ur stock level if ur stock level is zero then also this transaction hit

also if u have MAP and price at issue is differs price at receipt then aslo this can arise

also the diffrence in price at diffrent plant can arise this

check following statements

Expenditure/income from transfer posting (AUM)

This transaction is used for transfer postings from one material to

another if the complete value of the issuing material cannot be

posted to the value of the receiving material. This applies both to

materials with standard price control and to materials with moving

average price control. Price differences can arise for materials

with moving average price if stock levels are negative and the stock

value becomes unrealistic as a result of the posting. Transaction

AUM can be used irrespective of whether the transfer posting

involves a transfer between plants. The expenditure/income is added

to the receiving material.



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Check if there price difference for the material at time of transfer posting and now. If it is there then hope this error will come.


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3400 for that valuation class G/L account is not assigned in AUM transaction event key. The AUM (Expense/revenue from stock transfer) transaction event key it will hit when price variance come between supplying plant and receiving plant.

Example: if you are maintained price of one material 100/- in one plant and same material 150/- in other plant at the time price difference will come. So at the time AUM transaction event key will come into picture.