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goods issue to equipment

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I was just figuring out a way to check whether goods could be issued to equipment directly rather than picking any cost object. Please suggest a way to directly issue any goods to a particular equipment without assigning serial number to the material master.

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I appreciate your input. But it was no where intentionally put to attract.

Thank You.

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Hi Akshay,

I don't think you can do this without assigning a serial number because the goods issue with equipment is done by assigning serial number profile to the material master & by making equipment creation mandatory in serial number profile.


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Thank you Renuka,

But see, by assigning serial number i will be bound to consume that particular material against one equipment only. Usually at my projects i have similar kind of equipment deployed for which inventory could also be general. After assigning serial number in the material master for equipment A , i cannot issue that particular material to equipment B which possess same characteristics.

Also, if i have equipment of same characteristics, I usually don't plan inventory as per individual equipment rather I prefer to do it on object type.