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Goods Issuance Reversal

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Dear All,

I have an issue with Goods Issuance Reversal via WM. Briefed below in detail with example.

Example 1 :

I issue 50yds of a storage unit A having total qty of 100yds for a production order. The system deducts the issued qty & the stock report are correct in both Inventory Management & Warehouse Management.


When i do a reversal of say 50yds or even lesser quantity during TO Creation the system requires me to palletize the stock, ideally i would return the stocks to the same storage unit, in this case storage unit A.

But on the event i specify a different storage unit like B having a different material, different Sales Order / Line item, the system does not check, it just palletizes the stock to the storage unit B given by me, not even indicating the user that this roll number is for a different material /sales order, line item combination.

Why isn't the system doing this check...? Any configure changes to be done

Awaiting an early reply,


Shabeen Buhary

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Answers (1)

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I manage to resolve this issue