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GLT2201 - Balancing field profit center in line item 001 not filled

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Dear Guru's

We have activated the New GL accounting in our SAP 6.00 Version.

we activated the zero balancing check boxes for tthe profit center and the segment and the partner filed profit center mandatory check boxes in the document splitting characterstics in the General ledger accounting.

Where as when we post an asset through F-90 we are getting the following error message while posting the document.

Even though the asset is having proper -> cost center -> is having proper -> profit center -> it is having proper segment.

Balancing field "Profit Center" in line item 001 not filled

Message no. GLT2201


The field Profit Center marked as balancing is not filled with any value in line item 001, even after document splitting.

System Response

The document cannot be posted.


First check your entries.

Additional causes could be:

• No value can be derived for this field from the current document data.

• You have entered a document type that is not designed for this

I have also checked the field status group part. Both profit centre, cost centres, business areas are maintained as optional.

But still iam getting this error.

Require your help.



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You may please check OADB-define depreciation areas how many depreciation areas maintained as Posting in GL "1 Area Post in Real Time" and then go to ACSET maintain each depreciation area 'Account Assignment Objects' and save.


Goto ACSET and maintain Account assignments objects.


Thanks and regards,