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Global Label Management for Discrete Industries

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SAP documentation for Global Label Management (GLM) makes reference to the different components that are required to use GLM, and it specifically mentions PP-PI, MM and SD. 

Does GLM also work with "regular" PP for discrete industries in order to print labels for a specific production order?  Are there any limitations or drawbacks in that case?

Finally, what are the pros/cons of using GLM vs printing labels via regular output types/programs based on SmartForms determined via condition records (for example for Handling Units or for the Shop Floor Papers in the case of Production Orders)?

Any insight on these will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Juan,

GLM also work with "regular" PP for discrete industries in order to print labels for a specific production order. There is no linitation compared to PP-PI.


  • Functional consultant / Key user can make the report templates (wwi) without depending on ABAP. Most know formatting options from Microsof Word are useable.
  • No Transport request/work bench TR required for any change in the templates.
  • Template desing is administered in SAP centrally and included in the SAP GUI.
  • You have a functionality (Import/export) in place to move the templates across systems.
  • For labels, testing is more important task than development. You have to do couple of testings. more helpful while dealing as masterdata (without depending on transport request).
  • Wwi report templates are multi lingual and supporting the use of validity areas (group of countries) to select data. Same template can be used in multiple languages this reduce the development time. If the business have a lot of labels, then wwi reports would be beneficial
  • Data determination is easily extendable for additional logist relevaant data. No programming is necessary when new data from the EHS specification database is needed.
  • Simple user interface for print users


  • WWI is a black box for new people/learners.
  • You have to spend some time on learning the concept.
  • Configuration effort for a label could be a little bit more that i.e. using a report
  • Automatic printing with GLM requires currently an addon from SAP consulting. Automatic printing might be included in near future in ECC 6.0 with enhancement pack 7 (but keep in mind that this can be changed without further notice from SAP until the EhP7 is released)