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GL master: Trading partner

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Please can you explain the meaning and the usage of the field Trading Partner in G L master.

I have read the doc available in help. please try to give explanation in your words and with your experience.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Trading partner is your business partner within Group with whom you are doing business.

In order to identify Inter Company transactions Trading partner field is used.

You need to define all the Group Companies as company in SAP and all the defined Companies will be available for selection in Trading partner field.

Trading partner can be defaulted in GL, Customer or Vendor Master. If you need you can populate trading partner at Document level too by doing settings in Document Type Master in T Code OBA7.

Trading partner is normally used to control (payment/transaction) vendor/customer business with the group. Something like group/inter group business. You have to go to master record. for eg, in customer master, go to CONTROL DATA tab so see Acccount Control, in which you have provide trading partner number/reference.

Using Trading partner, the inter company transactions gets eliminated in the consolidation.



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thanks for the reply.

do you meant that the trading partner is same as the company we define and assign the company code to company.

and we use the trading partner to have a record fo the transaction which happened in the group.

Please clarify if any chnage is there.

Thanks Again...

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it's not only for the transactions in the group.

other reasons are:

-legal and fiscal requirements

-consolidation / and elimination


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