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GL assigned to /LOP wage type- Subtype of Itype 45

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I have a sbtype created in Infotype 45- Loans through which I give loans to employees. This subtype (8000) pays loans via payroll. The wage type that is generated is /LOP. Now this wage type has GL assigned 111275.

Now I want another subtype (9999) in Infotype 45. I will be paying a different loan to employees via that subtype. This will also happen via payroll. In this case also the wage type that is getting generated is /LOP. But, for this subtype I want it to get posted in a different GL account.

How can this be done? Is it possible to have different GLs assigned to this /LOP wage type based on the subtypes of Itype 45?

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Hi Friend,

First of all let me clear you that you cannot assign two different GLs to a single WT. you can assign only one GL to one WT only.

And this issue of loan you need to do one small Exercise as your rite that only one WT will be displayed in log for multiple type of loans e1 with lumpsome amount, for overcoming this problem you need to activate PCR called XLOZ which Store user wage types . you need to create WT's as many as you want to seperately show. For creating this WT's copy directly the technical WT /LOP in this case using this path.

Company Loans --> Customer Pay Types --> Set Up Customer Payment Types --> Define New Loan Wage Types and do the further steps as well.

then you should not post /LOP in future to FICO your cust WT only will post in FICO the process for posting will be same as you used /lop jz only instead of /LOP your cust WTs comes into Picture.

Nw for PCR xloz copy this and make new one and under this mentioned below:

ZLOZ Loan accounting: Posting to several c

" *

! /LEP Special Payroll Repayment

! /LID Interest due

" /LOP Loan payment - payroll

" VAKEYLNTYP Loan type

! ****

" 8000 (loan subtype)

ADDWTE8000 RT Results table (Loan wt E.g. 8000)

replace this pcr for XLOZ to ZLOZ in sub schema INLN.

Now you Run the payroll again check your custome pcr is reflecting or not. From onwards you need to follow your cust WT and ignore std WT's

Hope you got your solution and All the best.


Prashantkumar Tata.

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I have the same issue, can you please help me resolve it

My issue is that, i need to post the same loan repayment i.e. /LRP wagetype through different GL, for that what i did i copied loan wagetype /LOP and /LRP to my own wagetypes 9LEP (Refundable loan payment) and 9LEF (Refundable loan repayment) ans modified the PCR, XLOZ to ZLOZ and subschema ZNLN also. Now i did all the required configuration under company loan in IMG, and maintained IT45 with a monthly installment repayment amount 2000 from 01.06.2011 onwards whereas loan amount granted on 01.04.2011, 100000. Both payment and repayment (external) are maintained in IT45 also. In payroll repayment amount of 2000 is rightly being picked up thru 9REF and being deducted from gross amount.

But issue is during posting to FI both /LRP amount of 2000 and 9REF amount of 2000 are being triggered under balance sheet causing posting error: posting balance not cleared. i have assigned a seperate GL for 9REF and existing GL is already assigned to 9REP.

Please advise how to stop /LRP from being triggered in posting document log.