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GL account mapping EBS Configuration

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Hi Expert,

In the configuration of EBS step "Assign Account to Account Symbol" in the field G/L accounts

entered +++++++2/+++++++3/++++++7.

What it is the meaning/indication "+++++++2/+++++++3/++++++7"?

Please any one can make me understand the above query.

Thank You in Advance!

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This definition of the G/L accounts is called masked Input. Whit this you avoid having to define a separate account symbol for each house bank account. The account determination is replacing the masked definition with the GL account defined in the house bank master data.

For the case +++++++2 it means the first 7 digits are replaced by the first 7 digits of the GL account assigned in the house bank master data and the last digit is taken as 2 from the masked entry. This is usually used for the account determination of bank subaccounts.

Please also refer to the documentation in the SAP IMG in Task "Make Global Settings for Electronic Bank Statement"