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GL account determination for vendor invoice in cross company sale sales

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we are planning to implement cross company sales scenario.

High level design-

1) Sales Order is in co code X and the delivery is from group company lets say co code Y

2) The delivery from co code Y generates two invoices- one in Sales area of co code X for the final customer and 2nd in sales area of co code Y for the inter company

3) The intercompany invoice has EDI output type (Sap standard delivered object is RD04). The output generates a IDOC which has ability to post automatic vendor invoice in co code X crediting the inter company vendor Y.

4) The automatic vendor invoice GL account determination is via customisation OBCB and OBCE

I have some questions around this , particularly if in the vendor invoice we have to account for material and returnable packaging

In my current project there would FG packed in returnable packaging in co code Y

For Export there would be a dedicated co code(X).

Co code X gets orders from customers; and creates sales orders in its sales area with delivery plant of co code Y.

Along with FG returnable packaging is also charged as deposit by - co code X to customer and Co code Y to Co code X.

so in the vendor invoice how to generate the following entry

Inter company vendor 150 Cr

Cost of Goods sold 100 Dr

Returnable Packages deposit 50 Dr.

Similarly when the end customer returns the packaging generate the following entry via the cross company return order and intercompany invoice

intercompany vendor 50 Dr

Returnable packages 50 Cr

if you have worked on this kind of scenario and share how to customise to post for FG and Returnable packaging separately in the automatic vendor invoice it would be great.

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Hi Pravin.

Did you figure this out?

I'm seeing that via OBCB we can hit only one G/L account.

We also need to hit multiple accounts.

We've figured out how to hit this via user-exit, however I'm hoping that I've missed something in configuration and that a resolution via configuration is possible?

Any ideas?