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GL Account Authorization to restric for entry and View

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My Client want to Restrict Certain GL Accounts for Entry and for view in FS10N, FBL3N, FAGLB03 & FAGLL03 to certain users.

If any one came across with such requirement then please suggest.



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Answers (2)

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Hello VS,

The auth objects are-F_BKPF_BES and also F_SKA1_BES

You can use this process:-

1. Create an authorization group using T Code SE54

2. Maintain the Authorization group in FS00 -> Control data tab. to create BRGU entry . This will allow u to call the required auth objects

3. Maintain the relevant authorizations at user profile level

4. Include the following check in the custom program and control the data flow based on return code.

                    authority-check object 'F_BKPF_BES'
                                                     id 'BRGRU' field <Authorization Group>
                                                     id 'ACTVT' field '03'.     
                     if sy-subrc <> 0.
                             message "No Authorization" type 'E'.

5. The G/L Account master data needs to be maintained with the relevant Authorization groups.

Hope this helps,


Rishab Bucha

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1.So we can maintain authorazation in fs00 t.doce  think you can restrict

2.maintai the authorazation for particular user.those report. discussin with basic guys.