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Gifts to company employees

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Hi Experts,

We are working on a scenario wherein a Canadian company having branches in different provinces gives annual gift to each employee free of charge.

The scenario would be

1. All employees are notified by mail about free gift and to choose one of the free gifts.

2. Employees respond to the offer.

3. The gift items are manufactured within company and are to be shipped from company warehouse.

5. Employees receive the gift at their work with an appreciation letter.

HR would be working on items 1. 2. and appreciation letter.

How to map this scenario in SAP system especially in relation to SD module ?

Does SD module come into picture for this scenario?

Any valuable ideas would be rewarded with points.

Thank you

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It seems that employees are asked to select free gifts among the products manufactured by the company from the information you provided.

I can think of this solution.

After employees select the free gift you can follow these steps.

1)Create customer master data for selected employee.

2)Define new customer pricing procedure for these employees

3) Assign this procedure created by step 2 in customer master record of employees on sales area data- sales tab.

4)Select 100% discount for condition type... (you can select) in pricing procedure.

5)define pricing procedure determination - Sales areaDocument pricing ProcedureCustomer pricing procedure

You can use standard order type (like order to other customer) with above steps or Free goods determination also can be a possible solution.

You can also use free of charge delivery- order type.

You can maintained text in sales document header for "appreciation letter to be attached with the gift".