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GI and Reversals in different periods

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Dear All,

I have the following scenario:

1 - GI of a delivery in period 1

2 - Reversal of movement in period 2

3 - 2nd GI in period 2

3 - User now wants to reverse it (again) in period 1

My experience is that this is not possible because from the moment the batch stock was received in period 2, SAP sees it as existing from period 2 only. So when trying to reverse it in period 1 system rejects reversal.

In the past my solution has always been to reverse GI in period 2, write off stock, re-create batch + stock in period 1 and re-GI in correct period.

However this may be an outdated approach and I was wondering if anyone knows of a different solution.

The process is WM as well.

Thanks for letting me know

Kind regards


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Hello Kikas,

See as per standard SAP, when you have closed the previous Posting period in MMPV, it is always advisable not to open up the previous period.

This would cause the financial inconsistency in the SAP System. If you are proposing the solution on PRD server then i would advice you not to entertain this request of User at all !!

Still you can try out a possibility in Dev server if you would like to. The first and formost you need to sit with ABAPer and need to alter the standard program responsible for updating the Posting period (I guess program - RMMMPERI). I am not very sure whether this would actually help but you can try it out.



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Hi thanks for the suggestion, but the period is not closed yet. The issue here is a balancing issue as stock was issues in june and reversed in july - it has to be fixed.