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Getting tax percent

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i need to get the percent of a tax code (mwskz). How can i get it?

I need to know if mwskz field is 7% o whatever,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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all the active Taxes for a particular tax code will be available in KONH table..

Pass 'IN V1' to the VAKEY field of the table KONH... here V1 is the taxcode .. IN is country.. in between space should be there...

Then it gives you the active taxes for the taxcode along with condition numbers (KNUMH)... take the condition numbers and pass them to KONP table.. u will get the % values of all the taxes... the %'s will be stored in KONP as multiplied by 10.. i.e if tax value is 2%, then in table it will be stored as 20.. ( KBETR is the field name)


Sai Ramesh

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