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getting Printer Problem

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Hi ,

there is printer problem. Initially problem was with device type.

but now after changing device type it's still showing problems

as below :

"It' shows spool gets stuck.It does not print &

shows "waiting in host spooler" Network side everything is OK.

Printer details are given below :

Printer Name


Device Type

HP 3000 :HP Business inkjet3000 R4.5+

Spool Server

mtlepr1 PR1 15


HP LJ 5000

Access method

L: Print Locally Using LP/LPR

Can anybody tell what's problem with it.



SAP basis

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Answers (4)

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Check the Printer Que and clear the que and try resending the print.Some time this works.Your basis team should be able to help you out.



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Hi Anju,

Usually the Spool requests are stored in database table TST03.

You can also specify the storage location individually for the output

device in transaction SPAD (menu path Edit u2192 Data Storage).

With reg to local printing:

OnUNIX systems, the print data with access method L is output using operating

system methods (for example, with the commands lp or lpr). The specific syntax

is stored in profile parameters.

UnderMicrosoft Windows, the data with access method C is passed directly to

the operating system print API.

To maintain spool and output devices, call the Output Controller (transaction SP01

or choose System u2192 Services u2192 Output Control). If you only want to check the status

of your own spool requests, choose Systemu2192Own Spool Requests (transaction SP02).

The following indicators specify the status of a spool request:


Not yet sent to the operating system (no output request exists).


Spool request is still being created (stored in spool system).


The output request has not yet been processed by the spool system.


A spool work process is formatting the output request for printing.


The output request is being printed by the operating system spooler. If the query

at the host spooler is not activated, this status is shown for around a minute.


The output request has been printed. If the query at the host spooler is not

activated, the status changes to Compl. as soon as the output request is

transferred to the host spooler.


There are output requests with various statuses.


Indicates an error not of a serious nature (such as incomplete character set).

This request was still printed.


Indicates a serious error (such as a network error).


A particular time was specified for the output of the request by the request


Hope these help you.




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Hi anjuibm,

Have you configure printer in SPAD in sap. If yes then check spool setting.

There are some setting problem.



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so far as I see it the communication between you Local Spooler is not set up properly.

Several questions come up for this:

1.) what Operating System (OS) you are running on?

2.) you have selected access method "L", what spooler you are using on your printserver "mtlepr1"?


if you are running on an Solars OS and suing the spooler "Xprint" or "PRISMAnet" you need to edit your Instanz-profile where your application-Server with your Spool-work processes is running on!

The parameter in your "....DVEBMGS..." profile is "rspo/host_spool/" here you need to put your print command (dont forget to save, activate and restart the app-server part of SAP

Kind regards