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Getting error message Balancing field "Business Area" in line item 003 not filled

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Hi All,

I am creating a Tax Transfer posting from one company code to another company code through BDC, when I am executing my batch session getting     

below mentioned Error message. In my system NEW GL is active and I am passing the Business Area, Profit Center and Cost Center, Segment to line item 1 and line item 2 . Third line is my tax line which is generating automatically by the system, system expect the business area in line item 3 which is missing . I hope In New GL Business area for the tax lines should be derived from the above lines.

Balancing field "Business Area" in line item 003 not filled

Message no. GLT2201


The field Business Area marked as balancing is not filled with any value in line item 003, even after document splitting.

System Response

The document cannot be posted.


First check your entries.

Additional causes could be:

  • No value can be derived for this field from the current document data.
  • You have entered a document type that is not designed for this business purpose.

Procedure for System Administration


Line item details of the document. Hope it helps to understand the issue

      PK  BusA     Acct                                               EUR   Amount        Tax amnt        Tax Code

001 40   9900     0000194001 Clear.w/ co.cde 100        73.693,99                                     V0

002 50   9900     0000194001 Clear.w/ co.cde 100        66.994,54-                                    1I

003 50               0000154000 Input tax                          6.699,45-                                    1I

Thanks and best regards,

Niteesh Rai

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Hi All,

Document Splitting was active issue was due to missing customization.of Inheritance in which automatic generated line item copy the Balancing factor from parent line.

This customization is once active valid for all company codes so be careful while doing the same.

Anyways thanks a lot for answers.

With best regards,

Niteesh Rai