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Getting error Data record has grouping value "" in

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Trying to change Address data in HR using BAPI_ADDRESSEMPUS_CHANGE

Getting error message : Data record has grouping value "" instead of ""

Please advise.



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Hello Bhaskar,

did you find a solution for the problem?



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Product and Topic Expert
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I assume the following system situation exists:

The new Infotypeframework NITF is inactive for PA30. Flag CCURE PC UI is activated in T77SO. You are using ESS based on Web Dynpro which uses the new Infotypeframework.

Here we have to differentiate between infotypes which are participating in the data sharing functionality and all other infotypes. Such as:

Infotypes without Data Sharing:

- Infotype checks => module pool

- Infotype update => SAPFP50P/SAPUP50R

Infotypes with Data Sharing:

- Infotype checks => module pool

- Infotype update => NITF


BAdI HRPAD00INFTY is not processed in this case (importing parameter NEW_IMAGE is always space). Instead the BAdI HRPAD00INFTYDB of the NITF is been processed.

The following notes (1 and 2) will solve the problem. Note 3) solves an involving problem caused during the deletion process of a personnel number.

1) 783499 - Incorrect framework synchronization

2) 845592 - Incorrect framework synchronization - Retroactive accounting

3) 844998 - PU00: Termination when deleting a personnel number

Hope this will help!



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I know this is an old thread, but I am experiencing the same issue. We are implementing ERP 2005 (up to support pack 9) and are hitting this issue in development. I've read through the notes to try and understand what we need to do and would like you to review my understanding and questions. Your input would be GREATLY appreciated.

1. It looks like the three notes mentioned (783499, 845592, 844998) would have already been brought in with our upgrade to ERP 2005. If so, would the CCURE PC_UI indicator still need to be set or would it be all set? Also, would the programs mentioned as needing to be run, still need to be run?

2. Assuming the above notes are all set, then it seems that we would only need to run RPUFIXDS to fix the existing inconsistencies.

3. Does SAP recommend that RPUFIXDS be run against all personnel numbers and all infotypes allowed or only address the personnel number(s) and infotype(s) that we're having an issue with (in our case IT 6)?

4. My assumption is that RPUFIXDS would only need to be run once to correct inconsistencies created before the notes were applied and that this wouldn't be something that we'd need to run on an on-going basis.

Again, your input here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,