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Get Actual GI Date on PGI Reverse

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Hi All,

Please find the flow of sequence of events below:

Create Sales Order-> Create Delivery -> Perform PGI (Post Goods Issue).

When I view the Equipment Data in IE07, Sales Data and Warranty Details get updated perfectly.

Second Scenario

When I reverse the Delivery from VL09 ie. PGI Reverse.

The Warranty Details - Warranty Start and Warranty End not populated properly when i view them in IE07.

Requirement - I need the WADAT_IST (LIKP Table) - Actual GI Date for the PGI Reverse done through VL09. It is blank on this thing. I am performing the enhancement in Include LBG00F03.

Any other thing/solution which can fulfill the requirement.

Thanks & Regards,

Lakashey Pajnee

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