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generic article variants in SO

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We have one requirement on our company, when ever sales order create for generic articles system should automatically propose all the variants of those particular generic articles. So that user can able to select that which variant needs in sales order.

Kindly let me know whether it is possible or not,if yes what is the steps for the same.

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Hi Murali,

You will have to elaborate on your question a bit.

The whole purpose of maintaining Variant configuration for a generic material is that during the creation of the sales order the system proposes the various variants maintained for the generic material and according to the variants system calculates the price of the material. This is the normal process.

Please let us know if in your case you would need any thing else apart from this because for your query it looks as if what you are asking is the standard procedure.

If you want to follow the standard procedure the steps are

1. MM01 create the Generic material with Material Type KMAT and Item Category Group 0002

2. In CTO4 maintain the independent characteristics and the dependent characteristic which is Price. For price go to the additional information screen and in the Table field maintain the Table SDCOM while the field in this table would be VKOND. The system would automatically copy all the required data from this table

3. In CL01 define the class and assign the characteristics defined in the above step to this class

4. In CU61 Define the variant table, here you tell the sytem which are the key fields

5. IN CU60 you have to maintain the variant table. Here you define the various permutations and combinations of variants for a generic material

6. In CU41 define the profile for the material, in the profile for a class you assign the characteristics

7. In CU42 or CT04 also you can maintain the dependencies . here you have to maintain the logic of the dependent characteristic

8. in CU50 you can check the consistency of the profile

Now you need to maintain the condition records variant wise in VK11

Hope this helps,

J Nagesh