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Generate Leave Quota Based on Previous Year Attendance

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Dear Experts,

My client is required to generate a leave quota based on the previous year's attendance but there is one condition if an employee is on unpaid leave for the full month then the quota should not be generated for the specific month.

I.E. Every month's quota should be 1.417 so when we execute the quota next year in January then 12 x 1.417 = 17

If an employee is absent for 3 months, that case quota should be 17 - 3 x 1.417 = 12.75

Absence & Absence Quota configuration is done.

Please help me with PCR and the correct place where I can put the PCR into Schema.

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Will the Quota Allowance be generated monthly or once a year?

Do you currently have a Time Type that indicates how many "full months" an employee has been Absent in the past year (and are you talking of Calendar Year, Fiscal Year, or other kind of Year?) ?

The PCR should probably be inserted in the last phases of your Time Evaluation Schema, in the Sub-Schema where Quotas are calculated and before the Allowances and Absences are transferred into the Quotas.

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