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General Authorization - issue goods under the required stocklevel

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Dear Community,

I have a problem within the authorization of a costumer. He needs to have the ability to do Inventory transactions in the modul Inventory.

So I gave the authorization to the user. Nevertheless he is not able to issue goods when they get underneath the required inventory level - a message appears in those cases that says: no authorization for "Abweichung von Lagerbegrenzung genehmigen", what means: no authorization for inventory transactions in case the stock level gets underneath the required inventory level.

Does anyone know where I can fix this authorization-issue? I could not find anything yet.

Thanks in advance for your help,

yours sincerely


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Hello everyone,

thanks for your help - meanwhile I was able to find the correct authorization.

The authorization is placed underneath sales - ther you can tick the authoritation for issuing goods unter the required stock level.

Enjoy your weekend,

yours sincerely, daniel

Edited by: Daniel Ebi on May 21, 2010 1:11 PM

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Hello ShriX,

license type should be a logistics user - nevertheless within sap it still remains as a professional user, since there is no distinction of sap at the moment.

And the user has full authorization within the inventory module.

Do you have further information?

Thanks for your reply!


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Hi Daniel,

Check about your license type if it is logistic user license or professional user license.

Also give the full authorization under admin> authorization-> General Authorization-> Inventory-> Full Authorization.

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