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Garnishments on Pay stub.

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In US payroll if an employee has three child support Garnishments orders. Can we print an itemized amounts for all the three orders on the Pay check?

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Any one?

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- If any employee has more than one garnishment (say 3) entry for same garnishment type..then in RT you will have 3 entries for same wagetype with different variable split.

- So based on this you can do the config. For Eval class 02 , please create a new evaluation value say 91 "Biforcation of Garnishment " in SPRO

>Payroll: USA

>>Basic Settings

>>>Environment for Maintaining Wage Types

>>>>Processing Classes and Evaluation Classes

>>>>>Maintain evaluation classes and their specifications

- Now in v_512w_d change the specification of eval class 02 to 91 for your child support garnishment wagetype

- Then go to PE51 select your rem statement...goto the window where you display Garnishment. Here add a line for layout similar to your existing garnishment layout.

if your garnishment layout is :

1 RT **11 Garnishments 01 1

Then add a new line

2 RT **91 Biforcation of Garnishments 01 1 X

The X at the end is should be under the "Splits" column...this would should display your multiple garnishment as individual line item.

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This answers my question. Thanks Amosha.