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what is GAP?

what is the role of consultant in solving the GAP?

plz explain with example.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have given a answer for the gap just two days before...i will write you the same.

A gap is a requirement from the client which is not available in standard SAP and which can be completed with custom developmement (with help of ABAP)...or cannot be met (developed at all).

Example: Capacity of work centers to be checked in MRP during planne dorder creation if no sufficeint caapcity found then there will be no planned order from MRP.

Actual: During MRP capacity will not checked hence there are always planned orders. This requirement cannot be met even with custom transaction.

Example2: Scrap report.

No standara report is available on Scrap (this is also gap).

This can be done from custom report deveopment.

Hope the example are clear.



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