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Gantt Chart not displaying difference in actual finish date and end date

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I am working on SAP b1 9.3 Sql version.

Working on Gantt Chart for Project Management. Have given stages with different end and actual finish date. But somehow when I am previewing Gantt Chart, am having three issues:

1. Can actual status line, not be displayed until I click on Finished Check Box

2. Also actual and expected lines are also showing no difference i.e if I have start date as 1.1.2019 and End Date as 31.1.2019 whereas actual finish date as 11.03.2019. System is showing two lines in blue and orange starting from 1.1.2019 to 31.1.2019

Rather i am looking forward to if expected Blue line shall showup from 1.1.2019 to 31.1.2019 and actual to start from 1.1.2019 and go up until 11.3.2019.

3. What purpose does % issue addresses to, if it has no reflection on Gantt Chart

please guide.


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