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G2N - Item Category - Not relevant for Billing

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errore-message.pngHi SAP gurus

I have an issue in SAP S/4HANA. I have associated to my credit memo sales order type the standard item category G2N, for order related billing. have set billing document, copy control and all the settings, but when i try invoicing the item the message "the item is not relevant for billing" pops-up, compiled as per attachment.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?
Thank you

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Answers (2)

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1. Please check the Billing relevance for G2N - it should be "C".

2.Please check the accounting document is generated for the billing document

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1) What value is set for Billing Relevance ?
2) Do you have copy control set between the parent billing (F2) document and Credit Memo (CR)Request?
3) Has the accounting document generated for billing document?
4) Has the value VBRK-RFBSK is set to "C" for that parent billing document?
5) Did you check for incompletion log for Credit Memo Request?

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Dear Ganesan

below my answers

1) “C” | Relevant for ord.-related billing - status target qty;

2) Yes, copy control from Credit Memo Billing Document (G2) towards Credit Memo Request (ZNCR);

3) The issue that the billing document is not posted at all. VF01 msg : ”The item is not relevant for billing.” VF-044;

4) This field will be available only after billing document creation;

5) Incompletion procedure “21” | Credit/Deb.Memo Item is selected.

Thank you