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FY year end activities for MM

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Now that FY 09/10 is coming to an end.

Can you explain me typical year end activities for MM and those related to integartion with FI...

Would appreciate the reply....


Ganesh S.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Major part is maintaining number ranges for finacial/ accounting documents.

and Excise related documents.

You can find the number range objects for various objects in the Table: NRIV. From this table, find your number range object, and maintain the number range in the Transaction SNRO.

Other activities like GR/IR balance clearing etc. will take care of FI


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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There are lot of things need to do,


Month end closing Activities

1. All expenses including amortization, prepaid expenses, Preliminary expenses and accruals have been booked.

2. Complete Bank Reconciliation

3. Make sure that Sum of Inter company balances is Zero

4. Suspense Accounts should be cleared regularly.

5. Ensure that all documents related to MM & SD have been entered in system.

6. Ensure that all billing documents are released to accounting.

7. Calculate Overheads on all process Orders (CO43)

8. Technically complete all process orders which are fully processed (CORM).

9. Calculate Variance (KKS1)à (Relevant only if Standard cost is calculated).

10. Settle all process orders which are technically complete (CO88).

11. Close All settled Process Orders

12. Close MM period (Transaction Code: MMPV).

13. Carry out GR/IR clearing (F.13) transaction

14. Depreciation Run (AFAB) has been carried out for the month

15. Close FI Posting period after the month end closing activity is over.

Year end closing Activities:

1. Calculate production work in progress on process orders which are not technically complete.

2. Carry out Assessment cycle for Cost Centers.

3. All month end closing Activities should be carried out.

4. Carry Forward Balances to next year

(With TC: F.16 we can carry forward the balance to next year.

With TC: OBH2 copy the number ranges to next year

Open next year periods by selecting the Posting Period Variant.

then test by posting the transaction in F-02)

Please go through the below links,

I appologies if i forget something.


Ninad Kshirsagar