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Future periods closed

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I am getting the following message:

Posting only possible in periods 2009/01 and 2008/12 in company code 1000

How to slove this problem please advise me.

I can't able to post the stock for the current period.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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since you have gone ahead in closing the periods till 2009/1 you are getting this message. If its and ides server, then try creating a new company code.

But if its a live system(dev/QA/PRD) then do these things very carefully. Run T.code MMPI. Also check OSS note 48781.

1. Lock all users out of PRD

2. Take snapshot of MB5L for all materials at company code for current and previous periods

3. Add User parameter MMPI_READ_NOTE with value = current date in this format YYYYMMDD

4. Stop all processing that updates inventory values

5. Run t-code MMPI with correct period

6. Run Z_DEl_HIST_ENTRIES program

7. Take MB5L snapshot for all materials at company code fs01 for current and previous periods

8. Validate that values match on MB5L pre-post snapshots or are appropriate.

9. Unlock all users in PRD

10. Remove User parameter MMPI_READ_NOTE from user ID


sadhu kishore

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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To deactivate the future period and activate current period, you have to run MMPI. Go to MMPI, input the company code and period and execute.


G. Lakshmipathi

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Try to change the current period in OB52.

Have you closed the periods in MMPV OR MMRV.

If so you need to ask the FICO consultant to make it open.

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Go to material master record and in plant stock view check material current period.

It appears your material current period is 01/2009 and previous period is 12/2008.

I think you have used transaction MMPV to close periods upto 12/2008.

You can post stock for current period only that is 06/2008