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future of ABAPers

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Now maost of the applications in SAP are written using JAVA. If it continues then what s the future of ABAPers... Do we have to learn JAVA for developing applications in SAP?Please clear my doubts..

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Hi Selva Kumar,

I am not agree with you that most of the SAP application are written in JAVA. In SAP whatever the business logic and screens etc you find are all created in ABAP. To make fit SAP for business requirement there will be always ABAPer. ABAPer has lots of role in SAP . In all the modules most of the people are from ABAP.

From 6.0 version SAP has accepted JAVA for web application . You should not worry about the future of ABAP. You can learn JAVA or ABAP as your choice.

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No. I think you must'nt worry the next 10-15 years.