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Fund Management - Commitment Budget

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Hi There !

I am trying to enter a commitment budget using transaction FR50. The tab only shows Payment Budget, how do I make the commitment budget tab visible ? What is the config in Fund Management that needs to be done ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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can you tell me what update profile have you assigned to your FM area by executing transaction OF37

further, it depends on you update profile you asigned to your FM area & it also depends on your coutry requirment.

for example if you assigned 0350 or 0200 to your FM area, the the both tab (payment & Commitment Budget) will be displayed in your budgeting transaction.

Hopw this will be helpful!

don't forget to assign points.

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Thanks I had assigned update profile 100.

350 has bought up the commitment Budget tab.


p.s. Can you help me differentiate between PB and CB - The more I read the more confusing it becomes. When should PB and CB be used ?

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